Revolutionizing Micro-Businesses, One Merchant at a Time.

Thriving Small Businesses

We enable small businesses, operate as large companies. Connecting Dreams, One Merchant, One Nation at a Time.

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BeMerchant by Merchant Connect

Merchant Connect Corporation (MCC) is a pioneering force in the realm of micro-retail empowerment. At MCC, we’ve curated an innovative platform, BeMerchant, designed to revolutionize the landscape for micro-businesses across Africa and beyond.

Our mission is to foster economic growth by connecting micro-retailers and cottage industries to a seamless ecosystem that spans 14 countries and over 700 million people.

Why Micro-SMEs?
MSMEs in Africa
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Drive Africa's Growth
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Informal Credit Model
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Problems We Solve

Affordable Inventory

Access to cheaper inventory pricing

Affordable Financing

Working Capital for Inventory

Access Customers

Getting new customers and retaining them

Supplier Cash-flow

Offloading cost of holding and financing inventory downstream

Right Pricing

Discounting return on investment


Scale Distribution

Access to scaled distribution supported by digital technologies

Why BeMerchant

Our Model Focus

Digital Value

Traditional financing programs leads to high capital wastage and increase in non-performing loans.


Catalytic models are needed that spur growth incrementallity across the entire value chain

Youth Dividend

Business models are needed that use the youth dividend to drive economic value especially in digital businesses.

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